Beckett Gallery Hamilton

  • Participated in the first Canadian wildlife exhibition in 1974 together with Robert Bateman and A.J. Casson
  • Sold all pieces

St. Martins School of Fine Art

  • Participated in student shows

Art on the Edge Project, Dundas, ON

  • Invited to participate in this initiative to depict the Dundas Valley’s landscape

Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, ON

  • Solo show of paintings and landscapes of the Dundas Valley

Hugh’s Room, Toronto, ON

Solo show of night paintings based on the Indian trail

Cross-MacKenzie Fine Arts, Washington, DC

  • Exhibited a body of terra cotta sculptures alongside sculptor Paul De Pasquale

Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC

  • Terra Cotta piece on loan

No Vacancy Art, Burlington, ON

  • Exhibited a temporary installation called The Triumph of Baghdad at Cirque (Village Square) in 2014
  • Exhibited a temporary installation called Night Vision at Moonglade (at the AGB) in 2016